Socket Materials including: Torlon , Peek, Ultem, Delrin, and others depending on the customers requirements.

Type of Sockets: BGA, CQFN, LGA, PLCC, QFN, QFP, TSSOP.

    Application Socket

    Socket w/ Fan Heatsink

    416 BGA



    SK 5x5

    379 BGA

    520 BGA

    1428 BGA

Test Socket Solutions
* Pitches from 0.40mm-1.27mm.
* Solutions for any device, including area array and peripheral devices for any conceivable package footprint.
Superb electrical Mechanical performance on Pogo pins.

Standard Test Socket
* Sensor Grooves
* Component cutouts
* Standard or custom footprints
* Floating nests (Beds)

Identification and Prevention
* Perform regular inspections to identify signs of abnormal wear
* Proper mounting of the socket to test interface on Load Board, Application Board, and DUT Board
* Proper hardware alignment and package device seating
* Do not use lubricants or cleaning solvent of any kind on pogo pins
* Do not use any form of substance chemicals or fabrics against any part of the socket
* Do not modify any part of the socket

Maintenance Procedures and Cleaning
* Determine the frequency for preventive maintenance: This is the amount of time from when the socket was first used, to when the socket requires the first cleaning. The preventive maintenance frequency will vary depending on the type of package under test, and the testing environment conditions
* Remove socket from the board and blow away any debris from the solder pads with dry clean air
* Blow away any debris or foreign matter from the inside and bottom of the socket by using dry clean air
* Brush the socket and pogo pins with a medium bristle brush to clean debris
* For bent or broken pins, please contact DH-technology, Inc. for repair
* Do not use alcohol or any spray substance that may leave residue on the Pogo Pins.